Procedural Progress Variable

ICPSR Codebook

           VAR 0033      PROCEDURAL PROGRESS                         MD=99      
           REF 0033         LOC  126 WIDTH  2                                   
              Item 23. Procedural progress at termination.                      
              Statistical Year 1970 to Statistical Year 1975                    
                  01.  No issue - no action                                     
                  02.  No issue - action                                        
                  03.  Issue, no pretrial - no action                           
                  04.  Issue, no pretrial - action                              
                  05.  Pretrial but no trial                                    
                  06.  Terminated during court trial                            
                  07.  Terminated during jury trial                             
                  08.  Judgment after court trial                                                                                          
                  09.  Judgment after jury trial                                                                                              
                  00.  Land condemnation cases                                  
              Statistical year 1976 to statistical year 1986                    
              (excluding 4 pilot districts in 1986)                             
                  01.  Before issue joined                                      
                  02.  After motion decided but before issue joined             
                  03.  Issue joined, no other court action                      
                  04.  Issue joined, and after judgment of court on             
                  05.  Issue joined, and after pretrial conference                                                                          
                         but before trial                                         
                  06.  During court trial                                       
                  07.  During jury trial                                        
                  08.  After court trial                                                                                                    
                  09.  After jury trial                                                                                                         
                  00.  Other                                                    
              Statistical Year 1986 to Statistical Year 1987                    
              (4 districts in 1986: EDPA,NDTX,MDFL,WDMI)                        
                  01.  Before issue joined, no court action                     
                  02.  Before issue joined, order entered                       
                  03.  After issue joined, no court action                      
                  04.  After issue joined, judgment on motion                   
                  05.  After issue joined, pretrial conference held             
                  06.  After issue joined, during court trial                   
                  07.  After issue joined, during jury trial                    
                  08.  After issue joined, after court trial                                                                                      
                  09.  After issue joined, after jury trial              
                  10.  After issue joined, other                                
                  11.  Before issue joined, hearing held                        
                  12.  Before issue joined, motion decided                      
                  99.  Out of universe    

Our Notes

We used codes 1-9 to divide the terminations by procedural progress. We, however, combined codes 11 and 12 with code 2, as "before issue joined, court action." Also, we combined all the other miscellaneous codes into "middle, other."

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