Large Bankruptcy Reorganization Cases (Chapter 11)

This page uses data from an abbreviated version of Lynn M. LoPucki's Bankruptcy Research Database. It contains data on all cases filed in the Bankruptcy Courts of the United States from January 1, 1980 through December 31, 1997, in which the debtor was a publicly held company and had more than $100 million in assets, measured in 1980 dollars. Each of the terms employed on this page were carefully defined in the data collection process so that data would be comparable from one case to another.

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First, let's define the particular data set that interests me. I would like to include the large Chapter 11 cases filed during the calendar year or years of .

You may choose cases either on the basis of federal-court districts or on the basis of specific cities. Please use only one of these two criteria for selection. Leave the other criteria set to its default selection of "all districts" or "all cities."

I would like to limit consideration to cases filed in the district or districts of

OR in the city or cities of .

I want to limit consideration to cases with specific dispositions of

and filed .

I am interested in .

I am interested in .

I am interested in cases resulting primarily from these types of claims .

Notes on Specifying the Data Set:
Second, given the selected data set, I would like to know:


  • NOTE: For the following outputs (assets, employees, and sales), we have excluded a few firms with zero assets, employees, or sales. ASSETS: EMPLOYEES: SALES: BASIS FOR AGGREGATION:

  • Copyright © 1998 by Theodore Eisenberg, Kevin M. Clermont, Lynn M.LoPucki
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